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Jennifer Calito

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Hi!  I'm Dr. Calito.  Many of my students call me Dr. J.  I'm so glad you're here.

I am a firm believer that knowledge should be shared.  As I sit around my house many nights, I have ideas ready to explode from my brain.  As a result, Education Under Construction was born.

I began to recognize very early through my career in education that everything is always evolving. This could be technology, instructional methods, a specific disciple, social emotional needs, the list goes on.  As educators, our profession is always under construction.  The more I grew and reflected on my teaching experiences and interactions with other educators, I quickly realized that we, as educators, design our discipline each day, each semester, and each school year.  We continue to evolve in a variety of ways.  It's through this continual evolution of skills, that we cultivate our art form.

I am fortunate to have an extensive educational background as well as experience in multiple industries.  In additional to consulting services, you will find a variety of topics of interest being posted on the blog.

I welcome you to Education Under Construction, a place to encourage you to design your discipline and cultivate your artistry!


Found, Owner, & CEO


Managing EUC2!


Doctorate in Educational Leadership


Master's in Elementary Education/Certification





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