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Adaptability - Micro Schools allow parents and students to build around their own schedules to create a customized learning environment that works best for them

Through a new division of Education Under Construction Consulting called The Exchange, we are rising to meet the needs of greater community during uncertain times by creating a platform for those in need of a Micro-School.

A Micro-School is a reinvention or alteration to a home-school environment.  This learning environment stresses the importance of personalized learning, and can take many forms. For Phase 1of EUC2's micro-school platform, we are connecting families with certified teachers to support their public or private schools at-home learning, provided supplement instructional, and offer before and after school care as needed. 

What are EUC2's

Micro - School Services?

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Teacher Exchange (Forum)

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Micro - School Families

Parents Register Here

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Micro - School Teachers

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