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Editor (Contract Position)

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March, 8, 2021

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About Our Company

Education Under Construction Consulting (EUC²) is a new consulting firm in the education industry. EUC² is committed to partnering with stakeholders in the education system by enhancing workplace culture and diversity, and to inspire sound teaching practices through engaging in scholarly research. Our consulting firm offers a variety of services which include custom developed curriculum, training, impartial research development, and diversity awareness.

Job Overview

The editor will work with clients on editing their graduate study papers.  Contracts will be awarded on a client by client basis, contract fees are set based on pricing EUC2 pricing structure. 

Reports to:

Dr. Jennifer Calito

Primary Responsibilities and Duties

  • Editing dissertation clients

  • Proficiency in APA formatting

  • Master of English Language and Writing

  • Professionalism in comments provided to clients

  • Ability to have a quick turn-around time on papers

  • Each contract awarded is based on a specific client.

  • Editor will be required to stay with that client until they complete thier program

  • Editor is part of a dissertation/graduate studies team

Qualifications and/or Skills acquired through Internship

Master in English

Submission Requirements

  • A letter of recommendation

  • Two writing samples

  • A copy of current unofficial transcripts (at time of hire)

  • Editing sample test will be given at the time of interview

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